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American Indian College Fund
8333 Greenwood Boulevard
Denver,  CO  80221
Phone: 303 426-8900

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Help us revive some of the most economically depressed communities in our nation by supporting scholarships to American Indian students at our nation`s tribal colleges.

Human Interest Story

The American Indian College Fund provides scholarships and other support for the nation`s 33 tribal colleges and universities. Tribal colleges, the vast majority of which are located on or near reservations, provide opportunity and access to post-secondary education where once there was none. Offering accredited degrees while keeping Indian culture and tradition at the heart of their curricula, tribal colleges are changing the face of Indian education, one graduate at a time.

Did You Know?

  • The American Indian College Fund is the largest provider of private scholarships to American Indian students in the United States.
  • Between 1997 and 2002 enrollment of American Indian students at tribal colleges grew by 32%, compared to 16 % enrollment growth in higher educational institutions overall.
  • 56% of tribal college graduates go on to a four-year institution, a far greater number than the transfer rate of community colleges in general.
  • Census data shows 25.7% of all American Indians and Alaska Natives living below the poverty line. In contrast, the national poverty rate was only 12.4%.
  • 1 in 5 tribal college students must travel more than 50 miles to attend classes.
  • Most of the Fund`s scholarship recipients attend college while supporting a family at the same time.
  • 91% of Fund scholarship recipients are "non-traditional" students - they have dependents, are older than 24, work full-time - or a combination of these characteristics.