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  New Ways To Give At Work!
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  • GivingNexus: ICA's free internet/intranet presentation and administration tool for company employee workplace fund drives.


This online "campaign-in-a-box" is unlike any other system. Charities are organized by service category to make choosing easy, the "pledge card" is interactive, and the system links to the listed charities' web sites. Take a tour!

At their option, companies can add other charities or groups, such as local United Ways, to the ICA list of giving choices. ICA provides fiscal agent services at no charge, and ICA transmits 100% of the gift proceeds received through the system to the designated recipient charities.

  • Independent Corporate Campaigns

These days many companies, especially larger ones, prefer to administer their employee fund drives "in house", often using the services of commercial third party vendors to assist with campaign administration. ICA will upload its member agency data to any corporate campaign database so that ICA members can be presented among the giving choices for employees and so that the company can, if it prefers, send any gift proceeds directly to the charities. (ICA provides this service as a professional courtesy; it charges neither the company nor the charities for this service, and ICA does not require its members to rebate a portion of the gifts back to the association, as some other groups do).


United Way logo
  • United Way Donor Option

Many companies offer their employees a traditional United Way campaign. As a service to givers, some United Ways include ICA member charities in the campaign. Look for us in your campaign brochure or on your company's campaign web site. If we are not listed there, you can probably "write-in" ICA, or any ICA member, on your pledge card. Please include our IRS identification number (94-3067804) and address (1100 Larkspur Landing Circle, Suite 340, Larkspur, CA 94939).

If you would like to nominate us to be added to your company's charity campaign list, click here. A nomination is a wonderful gift for you to make, because it makes it easier for others to give, too.

CFC logo
  • Government Employee Fund Drives

Federal, Military, and Postal Service employees will find ICA and its members in the U.S. Government's prestigious Combined Federal Campaign. See www.bestcfc.org for details. State and municipal government employees will find us in many of their campaigns as well.

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