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Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation


Helping U.S. troops and their families with education scholarships, financial assistance, phone connections home, VA claims assistance, mental health and suicide prevention outreach, and patriotic community service programs. All free.

Real Life

When Kyle, an Army and Air Force veteran returned from Kuwait he was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. His first few months home were filled with suicidal thoughts and severe depression.

Kyle served in Operation Enduring Freedom and Desert Storm. After nearly 15 years in the military, he also suffered from nerve damage in his hands, chronic back pain and a traumatic brain injury.

His psychiatrist recommended he do a year-long treatment, but he wasn't comfortable being gone that long. He did end up going away for a few months. Kyle applied for Line of Duty benefits to help cover his expenses while he was unable to work. In the meantime, his wife worked full-time to pay the bills. "While I was away in treatment, my wife researched and came across the VFW Unmet Needs program. We needed a reliable car to get me back and forth to the VA Medical Center for my almost daily appointments." Recently, Kyle had surgery on both hands.

They applied for a $1,400 grant to cover car repairs. They were approved and received the money in just two weeks!

"The VFW keeps their promises, and we were blown away by how smooth and immediate the process was," said Kyle.

"This experience has been a lifesaver. We also received a $500 gift card to Wal-Mart