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We assist transplant and catastrophic injury patients in community fundraising to offset their debilitating costs of care and prevent medical crises from becoming financial ones.

Real Life

Meet Vanessa Jasper - a part of the HelpHOPELive Southwest Liver Transplant Fund

I n 2008, Vanessa was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that attacks the liver. The young wife and mother was told she would need a transplant if she wanted to see her children grow up. Fortunately, Vanessa's mother offered to be a living donor, and she proved to be a great donor match. But transplantation can be costly - first year expenses average more than $650,000. The Jaspers wondered how they would meet the enormous out-of-pocket expenses they faced to move forward with the lifesaving treatment.

Enter HelpHOPELive

In 2011, Vanessa was listed for a transplant. Shortly after, the Jaspers contacted HelpHOPELive for help with fundraising to cover Vanessa's medical bills. Funds raised through HelpHOPELive helped the family pay for travel, medications, hardship expenses and living donor costs. When the family reached its first fundraising goal of $10,000, HelpHOPELive provided a $1,000 challenge grant.

In May 2012, Vanessa received the gift of life. This past summer, she celebrated her first transplantiversary. "This is my rebirth," she told supporters on her fundraising page at

Vanessa is one of thousands of patients HelpHOPELive has assisted in its 30 years of service. Total financial support provided: more than $73 million and counting.