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Global Hunger Project


Help end chronic hunger, poverty in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. We empower millions to achieve lasting progress in health, education, nutrition and family income.

Real Life

I am Baqalu Gada from Shikute kebele (in Ethiopia). I take care of five children by myself. After the death of my husband, I was not able to cultivate our small plot of land. So, I rented the land to someone who used to give me half of the land's grain production.

When The Hunger Project-Ethiopia came to our area, and I joined the African Women's Food Farmer Initiative (AWFFI) loan group and got Birr 300.

I returned my rented land since I got money to buy grain seeds for cultivation. So, by part of the money I bought seeds and by the rest of the money I purchased a sheep.

In the last rainy season, I cultivated six quintals of teff and wheat from the land. Now, I kept part of the product as a seed for next time cultivation, part for family consumption and part for sale.

My family's history is now changing. I am able to cultivate and use my land. I can say that this is the product of AWFFI program. I become a real mother -- a supporter of my children, owner of land, decision-maker and a leader of a family.